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Department Policy on Reservations

Priority on EE Conference Rooms

  1. Regular Scheduled Classes with no Assigned Rooms
  2. Faculty Meetings
  3. Ph.D. Defense Seminars
  4. Funding Agency Site Visits
  5. Visitor Seminars
  6. Faculty Committee Meetings
  7. Faculty Area Meetings
  8. Make-up or Demonstration Class Meeting (one time only)
  9. Weekly Research Group Meetings with Faculty or PI
  10. Student Organizations
  11. Other Department Meetings

Please check availability to determine if/when the various rooms are available before contacting the Chair's Assistant. If the slot you want is not available, please ask your Department Secretary or Contract Assistant (not the Chair's Assistant) to locate an alternative room. Please do not ask the Chair's Assistant to contact the party who already has the room reserved and try to negotiate a move.

If the web schedule shows that your desired time is available, please send an e-mail (rather than call) to the Chair's Assistant. Please be sure and include a complete description of what the use will be so that it can be listed on the schedule.

When making a room reservation request, all of the following information must be included in order to reserve the room:

  • Title
  • Name of Presenter/Speaker
  • School or Institutional Affiliation
  • Abstract
  • Biography
  • Date
  • Time requested
  • Room requested
  • Advisor (if applicable)
  • Professor (host)

Once all this information is received your room will be reserved and the information will be announced. Please note that all weekly newsletter entries need to be in by NOON Friday.

For reserved rooms, the doors will be opened by Gershwin Mason and/or Jose Cano 15 minutes prior to reservation time. Keys are only checked out at the Chair's office if the room reservation is for after hours.

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