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Travel Requirements and Recommendations

  • All receipts for lodging, airfare, rail, and conference registrations must include method of payment (i.e., Visa XXXX $0.00). If a receipt does not provide this information then the receipt must be accompanied by a credit card statement (please cross out confidential information such as account numbers) to supplement this requirement.
  • Do not purchase travel packages for hotel and airfares or car rentals. They are not itemized and UCLA Travel requires a breakdown of the amount spent for each item; they are very difficult to get reimbursed for.
  • When renting vehicles do not purchase insurance, the university is self insured. Do not purchase upgrades unless there is a justification for the upgrade, i.e., traveling with others and requires larger vehicle, etc. (please include a justification note; also difficult to get reimbursed for).
  • Do not purchase items for other travelers such as airfare, meals, etc. It is difficult to get reimbursed if receipts do not list traveler's name.
  • UCLA has preferred agreements with airlines, car rental companies, LAX parking, etc. You will need to show your Bruin Card to obtain discounts. Travel reservations can be made through UCLA's Travel Center. You can also visit this link for discount information.
  • For foreign travel you have the choice of claiming meals and lodging per diem or actual expenses incurred. The per diem rates can be found at this link link. If claiming actual expenses, currency conversion rates can be found here.

    To receive exact reimbursement for expenses incurred, please attach credit card statements with receipts as some conversion rates may differ from the amount actually charged to your account (this applies to all types of expenses, i.e., taxis, lodging, etc.).

Entertainment Expenses

Entertainment receipts are required along with a justification statement and a guest list containing, names, titles and occupations of every guest. Receipts MUST be itemized and must show proof of payment. If alcohol is involved, an unrestricted account number must be used for the reimbursement. The following rates are the per person maximum limits for entertainment expenses:

  • Breakfast: $26
  • Lunch: $38
  • Dinner: $64
  • Light Refreshments: $17

New Travel and Entertainment Reimburesment Requirements (for Faculty and Staff)

Please check the requirement page for details.

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