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Procedure for Travel Reimbursement

  • Complete a Travel Reimbursement Form, which can be obtained from the department assistants or contract staff for travel arrangement and reimbursement. Include the following information:
    • The purpose of the trip (if attending a conference do not use acronyms for the conference name)
    • The account to be charged
    • Expenses incurred with dates and amounts
    • Signature authorizing payment from account.
    • Include an e-mail or a phone number where you can be reached for follow ups or questions regarding your expenses.
  • Submit all original receipts for airfare, lodging (lodging receipts MUST be itemized), registration fees, etc.
  • An expense report will be created on Travel Express and once it is complete and has been submitted by the proxy the traveler will receive an e-mail from UCLA Travel requesting review and approval of the expense report.
  • If any adjustments need to be made to the expense report, the traveler can reject the expense report and include a note for their reason of rejection.
  • The proxy then has to correct the expense report and re-submit. Once the traveler approves the expense report it is then sent to a departmental reviewer in the Office of Accounting and Budget, Laura Metz, for final review and approval.
  • Once approved, UCLA Travel receives the expense report.  The report will be reviewed and processed unless additional information is required.
  • Upon Travel's approval, payment is sent to the traveler in the same form of their payroll disposition, i.e., direct deposit or departmental pick up.

New Travel and Entertainment Reimbursement Requirements (for Faculty and Staff)

Please check the requirement page for details.

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