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Department Policy on Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) Support

(Adopted on October 4, 2007 following approval by faculty vote)

Effective Fall 2008, the following becomes the department policy on GSR appointments:

  • All GSR appointments will be at a minimum of Step 7.
  • The percentage level of appointment remains, as at present, under the discretion of the faculty member during both the academic year and the summer and inter-quarter sessions (except for any restrictions imposed by the University or by visa regulations). However, the department strongly recommends that all students be appointed during academic quarters at 50%, and during summer quarter and inter-quarter breaks at:
    • 50% for MS students and PhD students who have not passed the Preliminary Examination
    • 75% for PhD students who have passed the PhD Preliminary Examination but have not Advanced to Candidacy
    • 100% for PhD students who have advanced to candidacy.

Note: During the transition period, faculty members may adopt the new policy at their discretion. All budgets being prepared for grants and contracts should take into account this revised policy for graduate student salary from Fall 2008 and beyond.

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