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Instructions for Instructors Regarding PTEs, Grade of Incomplete "I", Grade of "DR"

These instructions are meant to free the instructor from evaluating miscellaneous situations and to place that burden where it belongs, upon the Office of Academic and Student Affairs and the Associate Dean.

  • PTEs should not be distributed while there are students on the wait list. PTEs may be distributed once all students on the wait list have been admitted to the class.
  • In order to admit the first n of m students on the waitlist, please contact Ms. Deborah Brewer, or Ms. Jan LaBuda. The enrollment cap for the course will then be increased by n and those n students will automatically be enrolled. If you believe it necessary to choose only certain students on the wait list, please contact one of the counselors of OASA.
  • A PTE should be distributed to a non-engineering student only if the student's program requires the course. Item (1) above applies. If you have any doubt about the requirement, you may send the student to OASA, 6426 Boelter Hall.
  • Undergraduate students may not receive a PTE for a graduate course. Such a student must petition at OASA.
  • The incomplete grade "I" is to be assigned only if the following are satisfied:
    • The student has requested the grade of "I"
    • The student has submitted a sufficient amount of course material in order that the instructor may infer the student is passing the course. It is inappropriate to assign a grade of "I" because the student is not doing well. It is also inappropriate to assign the grade of "I" for a student who did not request an "I" and did not take the final examination. The appropriate grade in the latter case is "F".
    • The incomplete portion of the course should be completed within a few weeks of the end of the quarter, and the final grade must be assigned by the instructor who assigned the "I" grade. Upon assigning the "I" grade, the instructor is encumbering herself/himself with the responsibility of providing and grading the materials that are sufficient for the removal of the "I" grade. It is unfair to the student and others of the class to assign an "I" grade and then to expect the student to repeat the course.
  • The grade of "DR" (Deferred Report) is to be assigned when academic dishonesty is suspected. At the time that such activity is suspected, contact the Associate Dean for instructions.
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