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How to Submit a New or Revised Course Proposal?

Instructors wishing to revise an existing course or introduce a new course should follow the steps outlined below:

  • First, seek the approval of your Area Director for the new course, its subject matter, and/or any proposed changes. The Area Director consults with the faculty in the area and collects feedback on the course proposal.
  • Once approved by the Area Director, obtain from the Office of Student Affairs the corresponding form for Graduate or Undergraduate course proposals (new or revised).
  • For undergraduate courses (new or revised), complete also the required Course Objectives and Outcomes Form. For graduate courses (new or revised), complete the required Course Description Form.
  • Complete the forms and submit them to the same office. Submit also an electronic version of the syllabus of the course via email to Deeona Columbia.
  • The Office of Student Affairs will input the information you provided into the Course Inventory Management System (CIMS). Through CIMS, the course proposal will be forwarded to the person who initiated the request.
  • The proposer may review and revise the information as needed.
  • Once the information is approved by the proposer, the proposer would then re-route the proposal back to Deeona Columbia through CIMS.
  • Deeona Columbia will then forward the proposal to the department's Courses and Curriculum Committee Chair. The course proposal will require approval by CCC to move forward.
  • Once approved by CCC, the Courses and Curriculum Chair routes the proposal through CIMS the HSSEAS Course Coordinator, who will prepare the proposal for discussion at the next Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) meeting.
  • Once approved by the FEC, the proposal is routed to the UCLA Graduate Division for final approval.
  • Once approved by the Graduate Division, the proposal is then sent to the Registrar's office for course listing updates. The Office of Student Affairs then informs the Vice-Chair of Undergraduate Affairs about the outcome. The course is subsequently entered into the EEweb course database for tracking and assessment.
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