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How to Order Audio Visual Services for your Course?

This is the procedure that administrative assistants or faculty need to follow to arrange for audio visual services for their lectures.

  • If you need a projector for your classroom, your first option should be to check out one of the available department projectors or to use the services of the HSSEAS Audio Visual Services office.
  • Using outside projectors, such as from the UCLA Office of Instructional Development (OID) Audio Visual Services, can be costly (in excess of $25K/year for the department). If no projectors are available within the department or within the HSSEAS Audio Visual Services office, then you may order a projector from outside these two venues. A justification will need to be provided to the Department Manager.
  • HSSEAS Audio Visual Services Office: provides all types of audio visual equipment, coordinates pick up, helps with setup and occasional delivery and pick up of AV equipment for HSSEAS faculty and staff.

    Audio Visual Services Office
    Marlon Williams
    2685 Boelter Hall
  • All reservations must be made online by completing a request form (use lower case only) at least 24 hours* in advance of your class or meeting schedule. Only after receiving of E-mail confirmation that you can be assured of your reservation.
  • If an instructor wants equipment delivered and picked up, and to obtain a labor guarantee to do this so he/she has it on the first day of class, AV needs to receive the order from Marlon at least 10 days in advance.
  • Hours of Operation: 7:30am - 4:30pm. Closed for Lunch 12:00pm - 1:00pm.
  • Available Audio Visual Equipment and Charges: This service is free of charge for classes, seminars and oral exams. For meetings and other special events, please consult the price list below.
    • Bell & Howell 16mm Projector $25/day
    • Cassette Tape Recorder $8/day
    • Digital Still Camera $15/day
    • Digital Video Camera $40/day
    • DVD/VCR Combination with Monitor $35/day
    • Easel $5/day
    • Laptop Computer $70/day
    • Overhead Projector $15/day
    • Portable Screen $7/day
    • Public Address System $25/day
    • Slide & Film Projector $15/day
    • Tripod $5/day
    • Video Data Projector $80/day
    • Wireless Microphone $5/day
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