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How to Create your Email Account as a new Faculty Member?

Contact Ilhee Choi of the Office of Human Resources and give her information about your desired login ID (username). The username should not exceed eight letters or numbers.

When your account is set up by SEASNet, you will receive a notification from Ilhee Choi via email. She will convey your initial password to you in one of only two ways: either personally or over the phone.

You can contact the SEASnet EEhelp desk for questions about your account. More information can be found at this website.

To change your assigned password, do the following:

  • ssh
  • passwd

For technical questions: Mira Jung, SEASNet, Email, 310.825.3714

For other questions: Ilhee Choi, Office of Human Resources, Email,  310.825.9095

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