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Records for Meetings with Undergraduate Students during Advising Week

Faculty advisors are required to generate a record of their meetings with the undergraduate students during the advising week; this is both a school requirement and an accreditation requirement:

  • According to the school requirement, every faculty member is expected to allocate at least four hours for undergraduate advising per academic year. Please make sure you get involved in this activity and that you receive credit for your participation.
  • According to the accreditation requirement, the department and school need to maintain records of undegraduate advising.

There are two ways to generate a record for your meetings:

  • Paper: Print the attendance sheet and ask the students that visit your office to write their names and date. Please write your name too so that the list can be associated with you. These sheets are collected by the department at the end of the advising week; and the data is entered into the online database by the department staff.
  • Online:
    • Go to EEweb
    • Click on MyHome and login using your BOL account.
    • After logging in, click on the link Advisor/Advisee Information. You reach a page listing the students that have been assigned to you.
    • Click on the link Record Meeting. You reach a page that allows you to record online that a meeting took place for any of the students.
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