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Fetterman, Harold

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Harold FetterManHarold Fetterman, Professor Emeritus

IEEE/LEOS William Streifer Scientific Achievement Award, 2006
Fellow, IEEE, 1990
Fellow, Optical Society of America, 1980

Office: 66-147J Engr. IV, Phone: 310.825.3431, Email



Harold R. Fetterman received the B.A. with honors in Physics from Brandeis University in 1962 and the Ph.D. in Physics from Cornell University in 1968. Dr. Fetterman's thesis was a study of molecular-like defect centers in solids and their perturbation by applied stress, electric and magnetic fields. Upon leaving Cornell, he was appointed Assistant Professor of Residence at UCLA, where he specialized in lasers and non-linear optics.

Dr. Fetterman joined Lincoln Laboratory in 1969, where his initial research concentrated on the use of submillimeter sources for spectroscopy. He studied the detailed properties of shallow donor transitions and cyclotron resonance in a number of semiconductors. As a result of this effort, he became interested in new types of submillimeter sources and detectors. His studies of optically pumped molecular lasers ranged from off-resonant pumping and Stark tuning of the two photon pumping of vibrational levels. In the field of detectors, he was a pioneer in the development of quasi-optical Schottky "corner cube" receivers and their local oscillators at submillimeter frequencies. This stimulated his participation in fields ranging from high frequency radio astronomy, frequency standards, plasma diagnostics, millimeter wave modeling to new high power, millimeter wave tubes.

Since leaving Lincoln Laboratory, Dr. Fetterman has devoted his efforts to investigating new solid state devices. This includes FETs, HEMTs, HBTs, quantum well structures, and traveling wave transistor structures. During this period he was one of the founders of the highly respected Millitech Corporation. In 1982, he joined the UCLA EE Department as a Professor and served as the first Director of the Center for High Frequency Electronics. As part of the Center, he initiated programs in monolithic millimeter wave devices, six port network analyzers for high frequency applications, and millimeter wave imaging with detector arrays.

From 1986 to 1989, Prof. Fetterman was Associate Dean for Research in the School of Engineering. During this period, he also became active in studying high temperature superconducting devices and millimeter wave phase conjugation using artificial Kerr materials. Currently, he has programs in investigating new millimeter wave device concepts and novel means of high frequency testing using laser techniques. He has concentrated on combining high frequency structures and systems with optical devices. These efforts include cw optical mixing experiments using three terminal devices, high speed polymer optical modulators and traveling wave photodetectors which are now being extended to over 200 GHz. Some of these devices have been incorporated into novel systems such as optically controlled phased array radars and more recently, new forms of optical A-to-Ds. A fellow of both the Optical Society and the IEEE.

Research Interests

Professor Fetterman's research focuses on optical millimeter wave interactions, femtosecond evaluation of high-frequency devices and circuits, solid-state millimeter wave structures and systems, and biomedical applications of laser.

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2006 IEEE LEOS William Streifer Scientific Achievement Award
  • 1998 Blue Ribbon Award
  • 1990 IEEE Fellow
  • 1987 Lasers First Prize Award at the International Conference on Lasers
  • 1980 Fellow of the Optical Society of America
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