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Alumni in Industry

Representative Alumni in Industry

  • Elias J. Antoun, CEO, Genesis Microchip (BS '79)
  • Balu Balakrishnan, President and CEO, Power Integrations (MS '76)
  • Leonard G. Bonilla, Program Manager, Raytheon Company BS ('70)
  • Aaron Buchwald, CEO, Mobius Semiconductor (PhD '93)
  • James S. Cable, CEO, Peregrine Semiconductor (PhD '92)
  • Ta-Wei Chien, President and CEO, TCG America Inc., Co-inventor of TiVO (MS '80)
  • Edsel Dunford, Former CEO, TRW (MS '73)
  • John Gifford, Founder, Maxim Integrated Products, Co-founder, AMD (BS '63)
  • Klein Gilhousen, Co-founder, Qualcomm Corporation (BS '69)
  • Armond Hairapetian, Founder of NewPort Communications (acquired by Broadcom) (BS '87, MS '88, PhD '93)
  • Mark Hwang, CEO, AlfaPlus Semiconductor
  • Asad M. Madni, Retired President, Chief Operating Officer and CTO, BEI Technologies (BS '69, MS '72)
  • Henry T. Nicholas, III Co-founder and former President and CEO, Broadcom Corporation (BS '82, MS '85, PhD '98)
  • Robert Nunn, President and CEO, Fulcrum Microsystems (BS '84)
  • Gary L. Patton, Vice President IBM Semiconductor Research & Development Center (BS '80)
  • Avi Madisetti, CTO, Mobius Semiconductor (PhD '96)
  • Mark J. Miller, CTO and co-founder, ViaSat (MS)
  • Michael Morhaime, President and co-founder, Blizzard Entertainment (BS '90)
  • Saeed Navid, Vice-President, Maxim Integrated
  • Reza Rofougaran, Founder, Innovent (acquired by Broadcom) (BS '86, MS '88, PhD '98)
  • Henry Samueli, Co-founder and Chairman, Broadcom Corporation (BS '75, MS '76, PhD '80)
  • Ronald Sugar, Chairman, CEO, Northrop Grumman Corporation (PhD '71)
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