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Home News News Archive 2014 Asst. Professor Rob Candler Receives an NSF Career Award

Asst. Professor Rob Candler Receives an NSF Career Award

Robert CandlerAssistant Professor Rob Candler received an NSF Career Award for his research entitled, “Microscale Magnetic Devices for Next Generation Coherent X-Ray Sources”.  The research will set a new standard for the next generation of coherent x-ray sources, with the ultimate goal of enabling broad access to high-speed, phase contrast x-ray imaging for use in science and medicine.  By examining the fundamental limits of electron beam focusing and high-energy photon generation, the team will create a new state of the art in high-strength quadrupoles and intense-field, short-period undulators, which will be used to create an x-ray free electron laser with unmatched brightness among small-scale light sources.

The project incorporates an educational outreach component for underrepresented students in engineering through a design challenge that will allow students to explore 3-dimensional printing for engineering applications.

Professor Candler’s research interests in MEMS and NEMS devices span a range of areas, including fundamental energy dissipation in nanomechanical resonators, microscale electromagnets, multiferroics, and 3D printing for microfluidics.  In recent years, he was also awarded the Northrop Grumman Excellence in Teaching Award and the Army Research Office Young Investigator Award.




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