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Home News News Archive 2014 Adjunct Professor Eli Yablonovitch is Selected for the 2014 Rank Prize

Adjunct Professor Eli Yablonovitch is Selected for the 2014 Rank Prize

Yablonovitch, EliAdjunct Professor Eli Yablonovitch has been selected for the Rank Prize for year 2014.  His award is for the idea that strained semiconductor lasers would have superior performance due to reduced valence band (hole) effective mass.  Almost all semiconductor lasers use this concept, including for DVD players, for the ubiquitous red laser pointers, and for optical communication, including most internet mouse clicks.

During his tenure at UCLA as a regular faculty, Professor Yablonovith received his election to the National Academy of Engineering and National Academy of Sciences both in 2003.  His research focus since then was on optoelectronics, high speed optical communications, nano-cavity lasers, photonic crystals at optical and microwave frequencies, quantum computing and communication.  In recent years, he was honored with other prestigious awards both in the US and abroad.  In 2012, he received the IEEE Photonics Award, the Harvey Prize in Israel, and election to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. 

Among the latest one is the 2013 election as a foreign member of the Royal Society of London.


The Rank Prize is a charitable organization based in the United Kingdom founded by Lord Rank with a mission to recognize exceptional research studies and reward brilliant minds for perseverance and innovative work.  The Rank Foundation gives primary focus on the subjects of nutrition and optoelectronics which were Lord Rank’s business interests: flour milling and the film industry.RankPrize_minus





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