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UCLA IEEE Students Wins the Ethics and ViaCar Competitions

The weekend of April 27-28, 2013 was a tremendous success for the UCLA IEEE student chapter for topping the Ethics and the ViaCar Competitions.  UCLA was the host campus for the Ethics Competition; they went up against UC Irvine and UC San Diego.  The winning team is composed of Harsh Barbhaiya, Ian Chen and
Corie Louie. 


This is UCLA IEEE's 4th Annual Ethics Competition. IEEE student branches from around the area gather to compete. This is UCLA IEEE's second consecutive first place win and third total first place rank. The competition includes a presentation and a defense of a case analysis. The specific objectives of the program are to foster familiarity with the IEEE Code of Ethics and ethics concepts, to promote a model for discussing and analyzing ethical questions, and to provide experience in applying ethical concepts to typical professional situations. Our judges for this year included experienced engineers from Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Analog Devices, and Raytheon. 


The ViaCar competition was hosted by UC San Diego on April 28, 2013.  14 teams entered all from UCLA, UC San Diego and UC Santa Barbara.  UCLA took first, second and fourth places with speeds of 7.14ft/sec, 6.58ft/sec, and 5.68ft/sec respectively.  The first place went to the Wyth Team composed of Alex Cheng, Leslie Wong, Hooman Barekatain, David Yang and Anh-Vu Nguyen.  The second place went to Team DHizel composed of: Danny Li, Nikhil Dua, Genya Zhdanov and Jeffrey Hwang.  The fourth place went to Team Up Dog composed of: Shubham Gandi, David Garges, William Seto and Ian Chen. 


ViaCar is an undergraduate design competition sponsored by ViaSat and hosted by UCSD IEEE, based on UC Davis's NatCar competition. Teams must design, build, and race an autonomous car which must follow an 80-meter track marked by 1-inch white tape on dark-colored carpet. Under the tape, there is a wire carrying a 100mA rms 75kHz sinusoidal signal.






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