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Professor Ozcan's Group Has Invented a Device for Common Kidney Testing

AydoganOzcanProfessor Aydogan Ozcan together with his research team has invented a common kidney telemedicine testing device capable to readily deliver data from an off-site location with cellular reception.  The testing process runs for five minutes from sample preparation to data collection.

The device measures the amount of albumin protein in sample urine which is an indicator of kidney damage.  This test is relevant to diabetes patients and those with chronic kidney ailments who would need consistent monitoring of their albumin levels.  Testing can be performed at home or in areas far from health centers.

The team developed an opto-mechanical phone attachment, disposable test tubes and mobile apps for data transmission.  The research was led by Professor Ozcan and researcher Ahmed Coskun together with co-authors, under grad students, Richie Nagi, Stephen Phillips and Kayvon Sadeghi.  Their paper appears in the August edition of the journal, Lab on a Chip.

Professor Ozcan’s extensive research on the broad applications of lens-free microscopy using today’s powerful smartphones in addressing global health is continuously expanding and has attained successes in blood diagnostics, study on the movement of sperm cells, albumin testing and a crowd-sourced gaming application for malaria diagnosis.     

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