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Professor Bahram Jalali Honored by the Engineers’ Council

Bahram JalaliThe Engineering Council honored Professor Bahram Jalali with a Distinguished Engineering Achievement Award presented in February 2013.  The citation of the award reads: “For seminal contributions in establishing the field of silicon photonics and for time stretch techniques resulting in a new generation of real time high throughput instruments.”


In mid-2012, Professor Jalali surprised the technology world with his research on the world’s fastest laser scanner capable to record images in a dim environment.  The technology is called STEAM “Serial Time-Encoded Amplified Microscopy”.  With collaboration with the Di Carlo Laboratory, they reported blood screening with record sensitivity in the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences. 


The Engineers’ Council was founded in 1955 with a mission to “1) Advance the art and science of engineering for the general welfare of humankind, 2) Advance the welfare of the general public through the creative resources and abilities of the engineering professions, 3) Inform the general public of the advantages and capabilities of engineering in advancing human welfare, and 4) Provide suitable public recognition of engineering achievement through the coordinated efforts of: Academia, Corporate, Government Agency, Individual, and Technical Society Affiliates.”  Beyond its “Honors and Awards Banquet”, the society provides scholarship, high school mentoring and middle school math and science programs.






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