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ISSCC Honors Top Paper Contributors from UCLA

Asad Abidi.jpgDistinguished Professor Asad Abidi is part of an elite group of 16 engineers who will be honored at the 60th Anniversary of the International Solid-State Circuits Conference for their strong and sustained contributions to this most prestigious gathering of the semiconductor industry.   The recognition will be presented at the ISSCC Plenary session on February 18, 2013 in San Francisco, CA.

With the invention of wireless telegraphy and its development to radio or transistor circuit design with other performance enhancing electronic mechanisms, professionals in the field, specifically in solid-state circuits, instituted an arena where innovations and research are presented to further stimulate the advancement of technology.  To date ISSCC is continuously at the forefront of presenting research to the industry.  This year’s conference theme is entitled “60 Years of (Em)Powering the Future”.

Professor Abidi’s latest involvement was with the group that has won the ISSCC 2012 Jack Kilby Award for Outstanding Student Paper. Dr. David Murphy (PhD ’12) is principal author with Professors Frank Chang and Asad Abidi, and with a team of co-authors who are all UCLA alumni: Dr. Ahmad Mirzaei (PhD ’06), Dr. Mohyee Mikhemar (PhD ’09), Dr. Hooman Darabi (PhD ’99) and Dr. Amr Hafez (PhD ’12).  The paper is entitled “A Blocker-Tolerant Wideband Noise-Cancelling Receiver with a 2dBb Noise Figure”, which also appears in the December, 2012 issue of IEEE Journal on Solid-State Circuits.

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