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EMC Best Student Presentation By Grad Student Joshua Shapiro

Shapiro_JoshuaIn the 2011 Electronic Materials Conference in UC Santa Barbara, graduate student Joshua Shapiro presented a paper entitled, Structural Characterization of InGaAs Axial Inserts in GaAs Catalyst-Free Nanopillars Grown by Selective-Area MOCVD, co-authored by Andrew Lin and Professor Diana Huffaker.  Joshua Shapiro’s entry was selected as one of two Best Student Presentations by the committee.  

Joshua presented a study of axial GaAs/InGaAs hetro-interface formation in catalystfree

nanopillars grown by selective-area MOCVD. The focus was on controlled growth of axial heterostructures as capability key for enabling efficient nanopillar light emitters and detectors, and preliminary light-emitting devices with axial double heterostructures grown on silicon.

The award, accompanied with a monetary prize, will be presented at the 2012 EMC Meeting in Penn State University on June 20, 2012.   The EMC is a premier annual forum for the preparation and characterization of electronic materials sponsored by The Minerals, Metal and Materials Society Foundation.EMC Logo






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