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Admission to the UCLA Electrical Engineering Graduate Program

Applications to the UCLA Electrical Engineering Graduate Program are invited from graduates of recognized colleges and universities worldwide. Admission is extremely competitive and applications are considered for the Fall Quarter only. The submission of applications typically opens in the second Monday in September. Decisions are based on the evaluation of multiple factors including (in no particular order): GPA, test scores, recommendation letters, quality of academic preparation, prior research experience, balance across different areas in the department, and the capacity and resources of our program.

The most qualified applicants will have completed a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering (or a closely related field**) with a junior/senior GPA and test scores comparable to our previous year’s admitted applicants.

Fall 2014 Admitted Applicant Averages:

GPA:          3.80/4.0, 87.73/100, 8.77/10, and 18.89/20

GRE:          154 Verbal, 167 Quantitative, 3.55 Analytical

                   576 Verbal, 792 Quantitative, 3.58 Analytical

PhD applicants must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher in the junior/senior coursework of bachelor’s degree.  If a student holds a MS degree, the graduate GPA must also be 3.5 or higher.

Students who already hold a MS or PhD degree in Electrical Engineering or in a closely related field will not be admitted for a duplicate degree at the same level.  Furthermore, after entering the program, no change in degree objective will be approved that would result in the granting of a duplicate degree at a level for which a student has an existing degree in Electrical Engineering or closely related field**.

**Fields considered closely related are: other disciplines of engineering, computer science, physics, and mathematics. 



          Deadline for application submission:

                                        Midnight (PST), December 1

          Deadline for test scores, letters of recommendation, and official transcripts:

                                        5:00PM (PST), January 1



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