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Department Committees


M. C. Frank Chang, Department Chairman
Oscar Stafsudd, Vice-Chair, Undergraduate Affairs
Paulo Tabuada, Vice-Chair, Graduate Affairs
Jason Woo, Vice-Chair, Industry Relations

Area Directors

Bahram Jalali, Director, Physical and Wave Electronics Area
Gregory J.  Pottie, Director, Signals and Systems Area
Mani Srivastava, Director, Circuits and Embedded Systems Area


Rob Candler, Director, Nano-Electronics Research Facility
Babak Daneshrad, Chair, Tenure Committee
Lei He, Chair, Non-Tenure Committee
Chand Joshi, Chair, Courses and Curriculum Committee
Behzad Razavi, Chair, Recruitment Committee
Yuanxun (Ethan) Wang, Director, Center for High-Frequency Electronics

ABET Committee

M.-C. Frank Chang, Department Chairman
Lei He, Professor
William Kaiser, Professor
Alan Laub, Professor
Asad Madni, Alumni Advisory Board Chair
Gregory J. Pottie, Professor and Area Chair
Mani Srivastava, Professor and Area Director
Oscar Stafsudd, Professor and Area Chair
Vandenberghe, Professor
Jason C. S. Woo, Professor and Industry Relations

Alumni Advisory Board

Asad Madni, Chair (formerly BEI Technologies)
Sharon Black (Raytheon)
Leonard Bonilla (Retired, Raytheon)
David Doami (Northrop Grumman)
Vicky Gih (Northrop Grumman)
Dan Goebel (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
William Goodin (UCLA Extension)
Robert Green (Christie, Parker, and Hale, LLP)
Sharon V. Hong (Motorola)
Gigi Lau (Engineer Alumni)

Student Advisory Committee

Lawrence Au, Graduate Student
Duymong Nguyen, HKN Undergraduate Student Organization
Manda Paul, Graduate Student
Jingtao Xia, President, IEEE Undergraduate Student Organization

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