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Contributions to Companies

The Electrical Engineering department is proud of its association with the history and founding of several companies of broad impact. The following page lists a sample of alumni of our program, as well current or former faculty members, who established successful ventures.


Ambarella, founded in 2004, is a technology leader in low power, high definition video compression and image processing semiconductors.


Didier LeGall, co-Founder (MS and PhD)

amd.PNGAMD, founded in 1969, is a global supplier of integrated circuits for personal and networked computing and communications.

John Gifford, Founder (BS '63)

awr_logo.gifApplied Wave Research is a leader in high-frequency electronic design automation (EDA) software.


Joseph Pekarek, co-Founder (PhD '96)


Blizzard Entertainment®, founded in 1991, is a premier developer and publisher of entertainment software. After establishing the Blizzard Entertainment label in 1994, the company quickly became one of the most popular and well-respected makers of computer games.

Michael Morhaime, President and co-founder (BS '90)

broadcom.gif Broadcom, founded in 1991, specializes in VoIP, broadband communications solutions, enterprise wireless networking, wi-fi integrated circuits, etc.


Henry Samueli, Co-founder (BS '75, MS '76, PhD '80)
Henry T. Nicholas, III, Co-founder (BS '82, MS '85, PhD '98)

ethertronics.jpg Ethertronics, founded in 2000, develops and manufactures high performance embedded antennas for Cellular, WiFi/WiMax, GPS, Bluetooth and other wireless devices.

Professor Eli Yablonovitch, Co-founder

Luminescent.jpg Luminescent Technologies, founded in 2002, develops software for DRAM manufacturing.

Professor Eli Yablonovitch, Co-founder

luxtera.JPG Luxtera, founded in 2001, develops silicon photonics technology to enable a new breed of monolithic opto-electronic devices manufactured in a low cost CMOS process.

Professor Eli Yablonovitch, Co-founder

maxim.JPG Maxim Integrated Products, founded in 1983, develops, manufactures and markets high performance CMOS integrated circuits and semiconductor-based systems.

John Gifford, Founder (BS '63)

logo_qualcomm.jpg Qualcomm, founded in 1985, is a designer and supplier of CDMA chipsets, system software, network base stations, handsets, modems, kid trackers, camera phones, MP3 players, game players, etc.

Klein Gilhousen, Co-founder (BS '69)
Andrew Viterbi, Co-founder, UCLA Professor of Electrical Engineering (1963-1973).


Founded in 1986, ViaSat produces innovative satellite and other wireless communication products that enable fast, secure, and efficient communications to any location.

Mark J. Miller (MS)

Innovent Systems was a successful start-up company acquired by Broadcom in 2000. The company was a pioneer in the development and commercial integration of radio frequency (RF) integrated circuits for short-range wireless data communications.

Reza Rofougaran, Founder (BS '86, MS '88, PhD '98)

Cognet Microsystems was a successful fiber optic start-up company acquired by Intel in 2001.

Professor Bahram Jalali, Founder.

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